Stakeholder letter

Stakeholder letter

Dear Readers

Swisscom wants to assume responsibility for our environment, our society and our economy – both now and in the future. We have developed a sustainability strategy that complements our corporate strategy and is based on numerous discussions with customers, employees, investors, NGOs, politicians and experts and the Swiss Confederation. This strategy encompasses Swisscom’s commitment to the environment, society and the economy, and defines six goals that we intend to achieve in the areas of climate protection, working and living, media skills, attractive employer, fair supply chain and networked Switzerland by 2020.

For example, we hope to use Swisscom ICT services to save twice as much CO2 as we emit in the course of operations and along the entire supply chain. In addition to the environment and the economic objective to connect the whole of Switzerland in one network, our main focus is on people. As regards the “working and living” goal, we aim to provide support to a million customers both in terms of mobile working as well as in living a healthy lifestyle. Our final example is in the media skills area, in which we intend to achieve the position as the leading provider in terms of data security and provide a million customers with support in using media in a safe and responsible manner. Through our commitments, we want to make a long-term contribution to creating a prosperous Switzerland and to treating people and the environment with a great deal of respect. “Sustainability” is one of the core values of our new mission statement. By this, we mean thinking holistically and in a networked manner, securing long-term business success, assuming responsibility and using resources sensibly. We identify strongly with the Swiss community, as people and their relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

Kind regards


Stefan Nünlist                                                                                                         Res Witschi

Head of Group Communications                                                                      Head of Corporate Responsibility