Swisscom Operation Control Center

When the door opens, the only clue that this is a monitoring centre is the huge, ten-metre video wall. Because the home of the Swisscom Operation Control Center looks nothing like the gloomy rooms seen in old-style action films. The site is not just modern, secure and sustainable, however.

Around 80 operators, escalation managers, problem and data managers and other specialists monitor the operation of infrastructure, systems and services in the OCC in Ittigen business park. They are also responsible for managing major IT faults, identifying causes and preventing system outages. When a fault occurs, they work to restore service as quickly as possible, for example for cash machines and eBanking, register systems or websites.

Security – it goes without saying.

Fault monitoring and elimination is kept physically separate from the data centre – the operations centre itself does not hold any data. This data is situated in data centres such as the one in Berne Wankdorf, newly opened and one of the most modern in Europe – secure, energy-efficient and available at all times. Security in the OCC is also high, however. All visitors are filmed, and access is only possible with a staff ID. Claudio Sanson, the new head of the OCC, has already been given all sorts of ideas of how to put the impressive room to alternative use. “When I tell colleagues about the enormous video wall, they often suggest showing a Raiffeisen Super League match on it,” he grins.