Digital stadium

On the pitch, eleven against eleven play to win hearts, fame and victory. Off the pitch, a digital world of experience is growing, with more and more to offer both fans in the stadium and at home.

Before, you used to park your car, go to the stadium and buy your ticket at the counter. Your ticket was ripped, you sat or stood, bought a hot dog at half-time, had something to drink, glanced at the advertising boards and went home. The next day, you told your work colleagues about the match. Football was football.

Today, football is both an ecosystem and a world of experience, the stadium a digital hot spot. You buy your ticket online before the game, arrange to meet friends with your smartphone and check online for the latest information about extra buses or team line-ups.. On the day of the match, you check in to the stadium with your smartphone, order a hot dog at half-time with a single click, buy something to drink and pay without cash. You send an MMS, watch a new video on the LED advertising boards, or keep yourself entertained during half-time with a 'game' on the stadium app. On the way home, you discuss the game while watching match highlights on your smartphone. And the next morning, you buy a football shirt for your daughter from the e-shop kids' collection.