KPIs of Swisscom Group

In CHF million, except where indicated20142013Change
Net revenue and results
Net revenue11,70311,4342.4%
Operating income before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)4,4134,3022.6%
EBITDA as % of net revenue%37.737.6
Operating income (EBIT)2,3222,2582.8%
Net income1,7061,6950.6%
Earnings per shareCHF32.7032.530.5%
Balance sheet and cash flows
Equity at end of year5,4576,002–9.1%
Equity ratio at end of year%26.129.3
Operating free cash flow1,8601,978–6.0%
Capital expenditure in property, plant and equipment and other intangible assets2,4362,3961.7%
Net debt at end of period8,1207,8123.9%
Operational data at end of period
Fixed access lines in Switzerlandin thousand2,7782,879–3.5%
Broadband access lines retail in Switzerlandin thousand1,8901,8114.4%
Swisscom TV access lines in Switzerlandin thousand1,1651,00016.5%
Mobile access lines in Switzerlandin thousand6,5406,4072.1%
Revenue generating units (RGU) Switzerlandin thousand12,37312,0972.3%
Unbundled fixed access lines in Switzerlandin thousand180256–29.7%
Broadband access lines wholesale in Switzerlandin thousand26221521.9%
Broadband access lines in Italyin thousand2,0721,9426.7%
Swisscom share
Number of issued sharesin thousand51,80251,802
Closing price at end of periodCHF522.50470.9011.0%
Market capitalisation at end of year27,06724,39411.0%
Dividend per shareCHF22.00 122.00
Environmental key figures in Switzerland
Energy consumptionGWh497498–0.2%
Energy efficiency increase since 1 January 2010%26.421.1
Direct CO2-emissionstons21,38023,835–10.3%
Reduction of direct CO2-emissions since 1 January 2010%17.03.9
Full-time equivalent employees at end of yearnumber21,12520,1085.1%
Full-time equivalent employees in Switzerland at end of yearnumber18,27217,3625.2%
1 In accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors to the Annual General Meeting.